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Podcast Interview with Apparel Entrepreneur Hal Davis

Joining me for today’s episode is my long-time friend and former business partner, Hal Davis.  Hal grew up in the clothing industry, quickly making a name for himself as an astute and competent judge of style and longevity.  Cofounder and partner of Trend Direct Global, Hal designs and develops private label brands, and works with some of the largest retailers in the US to design, develop, and manufacture their women’s clothing lines.

Podcast Interview with Tech Entrepreneur Dr Rado Kotorov

Another great podcast interview with Dr. Rado Kotorov. Rado is a tech industry innovator and startup founder and our conversation will make you think about many things in your life.  His current project is a tech startup call Trendalyze - a time series analysis platform that's turning heads and making waves in enterprise corner offices everywhere.  Listen in for some great strategies on business and life!

Big City Bachelors Fitness Tip #1

Being a bachelor in a big city has its challenges and its rewards.  The cost of living is high, the competition for jobs and ladies is high, and stress can be off the charts.  But big city living is unparalleled for the opportunities that abound - the food, the entertainment, the ladies, the possibilities.

Tip # 1 - Stay Fit

It's a sad truth that most of us sit at a desk for hours at a time and barely move for most of the day.  For times when you can't exercise it's a good idea to set a timer for breaks.  Science tells us that we can really only function optimally for small stretches so take advantage of that.  Work for 20-30 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.  Get up and move around and drink a glass of water.  You come back to the work fresh again and your entire day will be more productive.

Big city life offers fitness from many angles


Just walking to and from subway stations and your apartment or the office can log you 5000 steps a day.  I started tracking mine and I average just under 9000 steps per day.  There are great smartphone apps for tracking your steps and I strongly urge you to get one.


Yoga is a fantastic form of mind and body exercise.  Many pro athletes are finding the magic in yoga and you can too.  Some guys take to it very quickly and others take a bit longer but if you stick with it, you begin to understand what it's all about.  When I walk out of a class I have a feeling of centeredness and solidity that's amazing.

Here are links to sites where you can learn about the different styles to find what's right for you:

14 Styles of Yoga Explained Simply

Find Your Match Among the Many Styles of Yoga

Photo by Anupam Mahapatra on Unsplash

Gyms, weight training, CrossFit, etc

This is hard to go into great detail on in this short guide but belonging to a gym and making a commitment to get fit is a great way to go.  If you can find a workout buddy it's even better.


  • Swimming
  • Boxing workouts - these are great!
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Running
  • Cycling

The point is to simply get moving.  Get an app that buzzes you at intervals throughout your day and move away from the desk on either your smartphone or smartwatch.  Get up and take a short walk, clear your head, and then get back to work.  Simple as that.

Now head on out and get some fitness on,


Pop the Tack!

$20 Style Tip

Hey dude, here's a quick tip on somethingI see a lot of guys miss.  I have a colleague who refuses to listen to me and I've seen him in two new suits and one new sportcoat with the problem you'll see in this video, taken at a local store to show you the tip.

Welcome to Bachelor Survival Guides

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see if we can share anything good with you.  My hope is that you will use this site and the books we’ll be writing soon to navigate your way through bachelor life with more ease and confidence than maybe you have in the past.

Now let me say that this site isn’t going to be for every man.  There’s an old saying about how if you try to please everyone you’ll end up pleasing no one.  Something like that. And it’s been a challenge of mine for many years. It’s always been hard for me to narrow down my sights and decide on the one business niche I would go for.

That said, think of this site as a guide for modern guys who are single, who have - or are willing to understand - a contemporary outlook on life, and who know that their lives could use a boost in certain areas.

We cover:

  • Clothes and Dressing
    • You see other guys put together really well but you have no clue how to do it for yourself, or worse, you look like shit all the time and have no clue

  • Apartments and Living
    • You sleep on sheets your mom gave you from your childhood home hall closet, ...

  • Cooking and Food
    • Your idea of a good meal is the cheapest fast food you can find.  You can boil water, and you know what salt is. Period.

  • Fitness and Health
    • The days when you could get by without being in shape are over.  Being in good physical condition helps you in multiple ways.

  • Grooming and Personal Hygiene
    • Your toenails are so long you wear holes in your socks every two weeks.  You have hair coming out of your nose. Oops - forgot to put on deodorant again.  Umm, yeah, I have a toothbrush.