Style – Clothing

Style and fashion are two different things.  Having style means that you understand fashion in a way that serves you.  

Fashion victims are those who buy every trend so that they can look fashionable.  The problem with that is the stuff they buy is only usable for a short period of time until the next trend (fad) comes out and they jump ship to "shiny new" object.

When you have style, and understand what fashion really is, you're never out of style.  You can depend on your foundation wardrobe to serve you for years and years, with sprinklings of trendy items worked into your look.

Take a look at these photos, that come from clothing lines I've worked on, and from things in my own closet.  Pay attention to the details, and the fact that nothing here is trendy.  It's all solid fashion that will last a very long time.

Fall 2003 BK

Fall 2003 BK

Fall 2003 BK

Down vest outfit

Checked shirt outfit

Navy jacket outfit

Shearling coat outfit

Harris tweed outfit

Leather jacket outfit

Lapels, ties, pants... they all follow a cycle in width, from super skinny to fat.  Although I honestly hope that bell bottoms don't come back into style, they very well could.  The point is to have pieces that you feel comfortable with, follow some of the trends if you want, and rock your look every time you hit the streets.  

Style matters dude.  Don't ever think it doesn't.

Get on it brother,